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cover of family courts without a lawyer lucy reedThis website accompanies the book Family Courts without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person. The book and website help if you are involved in disputes with your ex over divorce, money or children and do not have a lawyer to represent you in court.

A revised edition, with a new introduction covering changes to legal aid in force from April 2013, can be ordered now.

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"Cheaper than a solicitors letter. I was able to gain enough confidence to act as LIP after reading this book. I also fended off a top flight barrister and solicitor! saved me ££££ thousands so far. Great Book!"
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On this site, you will find downloadable versions of all the useful documents, templates and suggested clauses presented in the book plus links to the core sources and agencies cited. Just click on the Resources tab above

Armed with the book and this website, you will be able toread a review on The Guardian present your own case effectively and confidently before the judge, increasing your chances of achieving a good outcome.

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bar pro bono unit logoThe author and publisher are donating £1 to the Bar Pro Bono Unit for every copy of the book sold.